Dee and I were classmates and members of the same club (LIVA Youth Forum) back in the university but I never noticed him until during the planning of the end-of-year get together in 2005. At the party, we danced together all night. In fact, I refused to dance with any other guy. What endeared me to him was that he didn't dance roughly like most guys did. During the Xmas holidays, we contacted each other and became friends. By January 2006 after the holidays, we became study partners (a course that readily comes to mind is the almighty EEE 231). Fifteen months after our first dance, we started dating. Fast forward…May 9, 2015…We are getting married!

A lot of times in life, you get the good things when you ain’t even looking for one. Dee is such an amazing person; he debunked whatsoever rumours and became my friend...with no 'hidden intentions' like most guys will do. Really, it’s not about a lady being ‘strict’ or ‘principled’ or 'choleric' or 'strong-faced' or whatever it’s called. It’s about the guy being brave, seeing what others cannot see, and smart enough to dare all odds. And I've got me a really smart, brave, smashing dude for a husband