#Throwback…As a freshman in the university, you had a perception of the girls to approach and the ones to dine with, ‘with a long spoon’. As coursemates I had marked her down in the latter group simply because I felt she was too ‘strong-faced’ for a lady. 2nd year arrives and providence lands us in the same team while planning for the end of the year (2005) get together for the NGO-club we both belonged to – LIVA youth forum. All the while as coursemates and club members we never spoke to each other. But while planning for the event, her intelligence struck me at once and I began to change my previous perception. The party was tight and we had a couple of dance – infact she happened to be the only one I danced with all night. We exchanged numbers, became friends, study partners, and very good friends all within a year and three months after which we started dating.

The rest, as they say, is history! They say you rarely meet ‘wife material’ at a party….. Well, I am an exception to that notion and in May, I have found the ONE that complements and completes me!